Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ticket's request -pre ambule

Ok lah, i have to consider my best pal, Amin's a.k.a (eh macam anti katak association lak) ticket 's request.. As a fan of my blog, he once requested me to update lah my blog .. don't lah let your blog be full of dust ( janganlah kasik berabuk blog tu)

To be frank, there are few reasons why i have to abandon blogging for a while.. firstly, you need to understand how pack my schedule in school was before. almost everyday my class started at 8 and finished at 6.. for the past few months i have tonnes of projects (programming, electronics, database, scientific poster, website) that had to be finished by the end of every week.. Imagine... 6 projects in 6 months... gila apa!!

And for those who still didn't know how my school's system works, is not like in another university where you have all those semester exam... here, it is a controle continue where i learn one topic of a subject (let see, electromagnetism for example) for two weeks non-stop .. and after two weeks, there will be an exam about the things that were taught for the last two weeks.. and after that exam, they will teach you another topic.. and you have another one or two weeks before the next exam.. and my years go on and on like that...

Secondly the reason why i was so lazy to update my blog is that, since now i'm living with a housemate, i spent most of my time mengadu and gossiping with him rather than putting it on my blog.. last year, i stayed alone in a student's apartment and i have no one with whom i could share my story. So, that's why i put everything in this blog..

thirdly, i've started my addiction to lots of series , starting from grey's anatomy, friends, malcom and in addition for all the stuffs that i've watched since forever (survivor, apprentice, amazing race) sine my schedule became so much pack, and i was addicted to all those series, cela s'explique why i cannot update my blog..

and finally.. i've addicted to facebook's application.. expecially the mindjolt's application.. we had this competition where everyone will try to get the highest score and we would boast about it in class.. so i've to spend my time practicing the crazy taxi's game and the kebab stall game..

Why have I decided to re-blogging?

1- I've almost finished my semester...I've finished my class at least.. and i'm now in my internship period... so.. takdela my class started at 8 and finish at 6.. eventhough i need some time to layan all the series that i've stated above, about without class, i still have some free time left, not knowing what to do.. so , that's why i think i should reconsider my good pal's request.. there goes the rebuttal for the point no 1.

2. I'm leaving alone rite now.. i no longer have a housemate (except all the jesus's patung in the house.. ) so i need someone to whom i could talk. and i might turned out to be 'gilak' kalau duduk sorang2 and expressing myself to miss potter... my imaginary friend...

3. The tv-shows that i've watched. (big brother, survivor) have finished their season.. so, semakin kuranglah series that I can watch (af pon dah nak habis).. hence, i have more spare time than before '

4. Finally, since my school has just finished, i kinda stopped playing all those mindjolt's application.. and i've started with my city application (tambahlah orang kat bandar aku ye)

COnclusion: Fill your time wisely by doing something interesting, like fulfilling all your fan wish.. so, to all my fan yang kesedihan that i took a long hiatus.. my come back is dedicated to you.. keep supporting me by leaving your comment in this blog.. ok!!


freNNY said...

jeff...aper ,,, anti katak association ?? heheheh... lame xjmpe jepp..hwz life

Muzaffar said...

ehh.. tak prasan pulak ade katak terbace mende ni.. ingat blog ni bebas katak!! ehh.. tanye tiket.. die pengasas!!

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