Thursday, May 15, 2008

Travelogue: J-1


Ok .. some of you might know it already and I have to keep it a secret from some of you.. There's no point of hiding.. I guess there's nothing else that could be done.. nasi dah jadi bubur..

The thing is with JPA (my sponsor who sent me studying in France) is that they prohibited their students to do their internship in other country than France or Malaysia. Meanwhile, Telecom Lille 1's (my university) policy obliged each and every student in the school to undergo a period of internship outside of France. Well, I took an easy route by doing my internship back in Malaysia, the last summer.. and at the same time I could spend my eid mubarak fete in Malaysia witn my family.. but as I returned in France.. İ was extremely flabbergasted that my internship had not fulfilled the requirement of the international's internship.. I felt a little bit insulted. I assumed that they thought the technology in Malaysia is so so left behind that they couldn't accept it as a country where you were allowed to undergo your internship..!!

But appearently, I was wrong. Later than I found out that students who performed their internship in their pays d'origine (negara asal) , is not considered as doing their internship in oversea..what a jerk..!! they should have told me earlier!! (as in if they told me , i would do my internship in france and missed my hari raya celebration in gerik.. ) come onlah.. it's not like everyday you can celebrate hari raya in gerik! So.. desperately, I had to do another oversea's internship.. at the same time, I applied also for some of the offers in France.. but I hardly received any response..

So one day, my school offered to all students an internship's opportunity in Istanbul, Germany and Hungary.. I was intrigued with the Istanbul's and hungary's.. and I applied for both.. and since I had a good track record in my study.. (now here goes all my effort for not escaping my class) I was the only candidate that was chosen to go to Istanbul.. and the good thing about this, the flight ticket and the accomodation is sponsored by the company...

I was a total idiot if I rejected those offer.. So i took a risk.. in case if any of pegawai jpa or Jpa barua read this blog.. sorry dude.. i've left paris.. well, think about it.. it's not like i wanted to come here.. it's a school obligation.. actually i didn't even care to do my internship outside of france.. it's all because the school's obligation.. and since you guys don't give allowance for those who are doing internship outside of france, i might as well apply in the country where i didn't have to spend lots of money (transport and accomodation foc).. so.. i made some good points here.. in addition, i was perplexed with your explanation.. i remembered one time I asked a representative in Malaysia and another time I asked SFERE about this matter, the answer that they gave me is " itu lain ceritalah.. or 'ca, c'est un cas special.." well.. now i am in this cerita lain, and i didn't understand your stand in this matter.. lain cerita tu camne.. boleh ke idak? ada apa2 batasan tak? Sorry if ou ever have to read this!!

So for the next couple post, as long as I am not bored.. I wıll write every detail of my short but surely memorable trip ın Istanbul.. And kalau I'ver already bored updating my blog, sorrylah that I would have to leave my blog berabuk once agaın.. Excelsıor...!!


d49 said...

eh ko intern kat turki ke kat france.kat facebook ko kata france,kat sini ko kata turki.mane satu nie?

Muzaffar said...

oohh.. aku intern kat turki.. tp dalam french international school.. kire.. skolah rendah bahse perancis le..

Amy said...

hi jepp, so sekarang tgh buat stage ke? until when? wahh best sungguh ye buat stage kat tpt org...but i promis wont tell jpa...shhhhh

freNNY said...

oo..sian nyeh .. xperlaa asal dpt bwt intern n sponsored by company okla tuh rite... nih time blk raye last yr tuh ke?? yg ur father bwt jamuan mkn tuh?? ooo..teringat plak mama msk hsptl... hmmpp.sdy je time tuh..alrite....blk grik lagk bley la jmpe..if fren blk

Muzaffar said...

Kak amy..

sampai bulan 7.. lepas tu extend 1 week untuk pusing2 greece.. Jepp stage ni untuk ecole requirement ye.. bukan sebab nak jalan2... (in case kalau en yusry terbukak blog ni)


iihh.. dah x balik gerik dah kot.. ape kelas gerik!! kfc jual air sirap.!! huhuh

ynf said...

elelele sronok la tu mkn mcD kat sane hahah