Monday, October 22, 2007

What can make you homesick...

1) You are stranded on a strange island where everything is so unfamiliar to you. And the island was way way too much uncivilized than your hometown.
2) You can do nothing. It's pouring outside there and the only place that safe now is your own shelter. And what make thing the worst, you are alone. Even having an imaginary friend can't help you rite now.
3)You are so tired. Not having enough sleep make you think that the only thing that matter is having your own bed at home.
4) Less then 24 hours ago, you had a very wonderful tyme with your buddy, strolling around your hometown in a way that you never had discovered before.
5) You are on a trip to a place and you have to wait more than 24 hours before arriving to your destination.

And it's all happening too me.. I've already missed bangi..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

lagi lagi raya

Finally, we managed to gather everyone for our own family photo session. It's been a long time since everyone gathers just for the sake of taking picture.

It was a 'sue' day for me yesterday. As I arrived from kampung, we realized that there was a problem with our Astro. So there went whole day yesterday without Astro, and specifically without TV . And it became worst during the night as my Internet connection broke down. That really completed my day yesterday. It's not that I always want to compare things with the one in France, but, seriously, I never had any problem with my internet connection there. Well I guess we have to wait till the telecommunication engineer from France to come back and change our internet's condition in Malaysia..

Enough of my complaints, since I am still in my raya mood, a little brag about my celebration in kampung will fill up this entry. Well for those of you that miss kampung so much, miss celebrating hari raya in Malaysia, sorry to say but it was not as groovy as you expected, for me, it was just OK. Nothing was extravagant, it's just a normal hari raya celebration for me.

Things have changed a lot for the past years. There is no more visiting relatives celebration around kampung, no more playing with mercun and bunga api with my cousins ( duh.. I was form 5 during my last raya in Malaysia ), no more routines of going to kedai apeq depan simpang to spend my duit raya buying ice creams for cousins ( who obviously have grown up and hardly remembered who I am).

But we now have our new schedule and routine. And it was hard to acquaint myself with the changes that have been practiced for the past years. I had to attend this Mr and Mrs majlis takbir malam raya, then going to majis iskandariah to perform my solat raya (which I doted on the most) due to the reason that Sultan Perak performed his solat there, then had to pretend smiling for about 3 hours during my father's open house in kampung, attended by a bunch of thousands total strangers to me. Few unknown came to me, telling me how long they had't seen me and how I had changed and at the same time, the only thing I had on my mind was, who the hell is you.. I felt quite ashamed with myself but please, i hadn't gone back for hari raya celebration in Kampung for three years, shouldn't that be a good excuse?

Hari Raya kedua was better than the first one. Apart of having to stay on a two hours these mr and mrs somebody's open house, and again smiling and pretending as if we really had a memorable time there, we had a really great evening there. And for me, that is why this hari raya is so meaningful to me. It was just a typical activity that we used to have when we were young, the evening, most of my cousins arrived in kampung (one family from kl, one uncle from kl and one family from kelantan). It was so nice to have everyone back and to see how everyone had grown after 3 years (and surely that it was me who have grown the most). We had our own ziarah-menziarahi event, going to our aunty's house next door, an ice breaking session updating on what was going on with each other, i played with my new nieces and nephews which I just discovered their existence and our activity "wajib" during hari raya, gossiping about our cousins, uncles, aunties, and parents (which literally means reminiscing those days where we had our anak this pakcik clan vs anak another pakcik clan..) It was droll and a meaningful time for me of course.

And the next day, everyone started to pack their things, and heading to our own ways. Though those short moment passed briefly, so short not even I managed to captured it in my video recorder, but it's not what in the recorder that's matter, the one that I'd captured inside my heart is the one that I will always remember forever... Thanks for having those short get-to-know activities that will obviously make me think twice if I want to spend my hari raya in France.. I end my entry with my new nephews and nieces that I've just discovered during the day..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hari Raya

Yesterday, had a little chat with Goda on YM. I can feel his eagerness to celebrate Hari Raya, probably, more than mine. It seems to me that being away for three years from Malaysia, deteriorate my hari raya excitement. People here have started to buy new clothes, new shoes, new songkok, new jeans, new t-shirt, pattati pattata.. But for me, i've just bought a songkok, since I don't have one and my last songkok was the one that I wear in MCKK. My father bought me a baju melayu since I left mine in France. So that's all about my hari raya preparation.
Today is my last day of training in Kumpulan IKRAM Sdn Bhd. It always occur to me that I had such a hard feeling to be away from something, even if I was just with them for two months. The last time I had the same feeling was two days ago when Izhan went back to Terengganu, which means I have no more friend in KL. (Before, I had the same feeling when Amir left me, ayub.. ajib n matno, abang ipan, the telekom guyz... ) And I clearly remember the last day of my practical training in SNCF France, I almost cried going out of the gate although it was me before who cursed the stupid company policy which needs me to wake up at 6.30 a.m in the morning (Which people don't do there during winter). Well I guess, that's life.. few days from now, I'll be leaving for Lille (KL-Bandar Seri Begawan-Dubai-London-Lille). I am quite excited to be back to my normal life again. My ex-lab-partner have just found me a new lab-partner since he terminated school and changed courses to more IT specific courses. I guess I will be having another sensitive-emotional-wanna-cry feeling knowing that this guy that have been teaching me life as a francais (all the dirty words and I even went to his house one), will not be around me this year. Thanks for everything mon cheri and I wish you all the best in IUT. What can I say about hi, he respects me a lot, not only as a foreigner, but only as a Muslim. For example, when I went to his house, I told him that I was a vegeterian who ate fish ( a common reasoning for those who don't want to waste your time explaining things) Having seen me cooking a chicken in our common kitchen, he secretly asked some Muslim people here (I mean, the real, practical one which is not common in France), and as I arrived his house, I was shocked to find a packet of Halal chicken which was bought by his father from a nearby-biggest-town. (which is about 60 KM from his house)

My lab partner is the smallest guy of all. During his suprise birthday party which I baked a cake for him

So guess the coming days will definitely be different without him around. Just like to remind my own-made-quotation

Friends come and go,
but brotherhood lasts forever..

(this is the answer for Shamil's friendship forever question that he asked me when I was in Dublin)

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Ipoh for a typical family gathering in Gerik during hari Raya. This year, will be a memorable one for me. not only will I be spending hari raya in Malaysia, but the good news is, I will be having my solat hari raya back in my old town, Kuala kangsar. Looking forward to see few teachers that might be praying in the same modque, and maybe some collegians that had to stay..

So, I leave by attaching three youtube movie for this hari raya festive. The first one is a petronas hari raya eid, which goda found it touching. The second one is from TV3. I find it has no sense at all but as the commercial took place back in my alma matter, I find it interesting to share it with MCKK guyz around the globe.. And the third one, is a scary one by proton..

Selamat hari Raya
Maaf Zahir Batin

Some special message to the guys in Rue Manuel, ajib, matno n eijas :nantikan kepulanganku ngan resepi baru, MC gay gay around the world : Jangan sedih2.. korang baru setahun 2 je merasa.. aku dah 3 tahun x raya kat malaysia, last year raya siap exam agi tu.. abang ipan ngan raiz: smoga saudagar-saudagar kad raya (tiru ayat cik padil) mendapat keuntungan yang lebih besar hari2 akan mendatang, ex-larochellian (telo, gowe, jeri, mariani, pesa, dhirah) : rindu gak sambut raye ngan korang .. see u in la rochelle.. hahah .. lillois n ex lillois- rindunye bakar sate, masak lodeh banyak sayur, kek yang last2 ada orang sorok kat rue manuel, makan rendang yang eijas kate the best rendang in France... Orang2 yang menjayakan dinner MASAf (baik yang membantu mahupun yang datang) : Thanx banyak2.. slamat ari raya ye.. pembeli2 kad raya: thanks.. trime kasih sbb beli.. supportle kami agi. kitorang akan blajar dari kesilapan nxt year... Malaysian in France: have a wonderful hari raya... sorry for everything

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Menarik... menarik.. menarik...

Smalam aku nak tolong si Izhan ni buat research untuk homework die.. kene carik skrip drama.. pastu aku terjumpe satu website ni.. menarik n best gile.. die ade skrip untuk kebanyakan filem2 yang pernah ada... pastu aku pon bukak le skrip filem fevret aku of all time.. n bace.. hahah tersentuh hati bace skrip..

Baru2 ni ade gak tgk cite tu.. pastu leh meleleh tu air mata.,... memang le jiwang aku ni.. Cerita apakah itu? Apakah cerita yang menarik itu? aku sediakan sedikit sedutan daripada skrip cite tu yang aku amik kat internet untuk korang teka (ni macam mix fm nye teka sedutan filem le pulak)

Cerita tu bermula dengan..

Airight so this is the world and there are five billion people on it. When I was a kid there were three. It's hard to keep up. That's better. That's america. See, America still sets the tone for the world...

In Indiana -- Clark Hodd. 13. The best point guard in the country. Puberty hasn't been easy.

Becky Farling. You'll see her in the next Olympics. Seattle, Washington. Dallas Malloy. Went to court to be allowed to box professionally. She's 16.

There's genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it's like popcorn in the pan. Some pop... ... some don't.

Now I'm the guy you don't usually see. I'm the one behind the scenes. I'm the sports agent.

Part yang menyentuh hati.. hahah

It's Tidwell!

Tidwell exits the locker room. Press and media surround him. Even the grizzled old-time stadium workers reach in to squeeze him, to slap him, to touch him. He works his way to ******. They hug. Cameras flash. Tears roll down from beneath his purple shades.
We did it.
And now, in the middle of this emotional union, a portable phone rings. Both men reach for their porties. It's ******'s. With anticipation, he answers.
Hello. (beat) It's Marcee. She says she couldn't get through on your phone.
Tidwell grabs the phone, and joyously shares the moment with his wife***** watches, as Tidwell leans on his shoulder.
Hahah... cerita apakah itu? tapi memang sayu nye tgk cite ni.. sebak dada.. hahah
Tadi telefon tuteur entreprise aku.. nak bincang sket.. telepon pakai handpone.. tak tau le pulak.. aku baru je sedar yang kalo tambah 132 kat depan.. kirenye aku buat 1320033 pastu no orang tu untuk tepon france rate die murah gile... tadi call 20 sen je seminit.. tapi x pernah pon ade iklan kat tv? nilah yang dikatakan escoqurie.. die sediakan perkhidmatan tapi x pernah menyedarkan orang tentang perkhidmatan die tu... chiant tol..
Jadi kepada pengguna2 maxis.. kalo nak tepon oversea jangan lupe add 132 kat depan tu.. rate yang aku nyatakan kat atas tu untuk tepon fixed line.. kalo hp france mahal sket ... 99 sen seminit.. kalo aku tau kene tambah 132 , aku call abang dulu dengan mengadd 132.. TM gak bagus kan abang ipan... ngeh3

Friday, October 5, 2007

Nak tengok series ... tapi

Kasihanilah diriku ini

Yang ni lak ujian yang dibuat oleh ajib kat rumah aku kat lille...

Aku ingin pulangggg....

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Paris Je t'aime

Memang pelik, ada tips dari pelbagai tempat but not for Paris.. so.. memandangkan ada special request, aku pon ceritalah sedikit sebanyak tentang tips2 berjalan di Paris..

Asal2 tiba dari airport je, ada pelbagai cara untuk hubungkan paris ngan airport (yang terletak dalam stengah jam dari paris) sama ada bas ataupun RER. Memandangkan aku tak pernah naik bas, aku sentiasa suggestkan RER untuk sesape saja yang datang ke Paris ni. Terdapat dua pilihan

1) Tiket Paris Visite yang berharga 17.05 euro
Tiket ini membolehkan anda berjalan tanpa batasan selama satu hari menaiki semua public transport Paris. Tiket Paris Visite ni agak mahal sebab dekat Paris ni ada banyak tiket yang membolehkan kita naik unlimited access to public transport (akan dihuraikan di bawah) tapi cume tiket paris visite ni je yang boleh gunakan untuk ke airport

2) Beli tiket Airport- Paris 8.20
ini memang tiket pakai sekali je lah . untuk ke mane2 tempat dalam paris. lepas tu nak bergerak dalam paris kene beli tiket seunit yang berharga 1.50 ataupun boleh beli ten for 11.10 euro. tapi bear in mind yang tiket ni hanya untuk dalam paris sahaja (zon 1) untuk check zon2 tempat2 kat paris ni boleh tgk map metro ni.
Bile beli tiket metro sila minta peta, peta kecik supaya senang buat reference. Tak payah susah2 nak print website nye peta

Aku juga ada cakap yang terdapat tiket2 metro lain yang dijual.. di sini aku berikan nama tiket metro tu dan kenape korang x patut beli as korang sampai dari airport.

Ticket jeune
Untuk bawah 25 tahun. harganya 3.20 untuk zon 1-3 dan 6.40 untuk zon 1-6. Hanya boleh dipakai weekend dan hari cuti umum. Takleh pakai sampai airport. Unlimited access untuk the whole day.
Ticket Mobilis.
Harga dari 5.60 euro- 12++ (ikut zon). Boleh dibeli hari-hari biasa. tapi x boleh digunakan sampai ke airport. Unlimited access of transport untuk the whole day.

Boleh check website RATP untuk maklumat lanjut.

Untuk hotel, my favourite will be Accor group punye hotel. Hotel Formula 1 dan hotel etap sangat murah (bezenya... formula 1 toilet share tapi etap toilet dalam bilik). Tapi kebanyakan hotel-hotel ni terletak dekat pinggir paris and susah sket nak access ke paris (sebab tu murah). Always check with mappy lokasi hotel2 ni banding ngan stesen metro and check stesen metro tu gak supaye tak terlampau jauh dari pusat bandar.

My favourite hotel is formule 1 St Denis Stade. terletak dekat dengan stadium France (stadium world cup 98 dulu) and sangat dekat dengan stesen RER. Senang untuk ke paris. Harga pon xdele mahal sangat .

Bear in mind yang harga untuk hotel2 formule 1 and etap adalah untuk 3 orang sebilik..

Ok.. abis cakap pasal teknikalnye tempat, skarang ni jalan2 kat Paris pulak.. apa yang menarik untuk dilihat.

Eiffel tower (Zone 1- metro champ de mars line 6)

Ala mende ni cam wajib le pulak nak pergi, kalau x tulis sure macam pelik je. Kalau nak pegi, pegilah awal2 pagi sket untuk mengelakkan beratur panjang untuk beli tiket.. dalam 11 euro camtu dapat naik sampai ke tingkat atas sekali. Dekat bawah-bawah mende ni ade orang-orang bangla menjual keychains.. sangat digalakkan untuk beli kat cni.. tapi make sure negotiate betol2.. harga standard se euro satu.

Waktu malam pon best untuk pergi, sebab dia pasang lampu. Lepas tu sejam sekali, lampu tu akan berkelip2.. sangat lawa untuk diambil gambar kalau ada camcorder..

Champs Elysee (Zone 1 Charles De Gaulle - Etoile - line 1, RER A)

Etoile ni ialah round about paling berbahaya kat dunia ni. Syarikat insurans taknak membayar balik apa-apa kemalangan yang berlaku kat dalam round about ni. Kalau nak keluar dari Metro, ikut sign Arc de Triomphe, adalah sebuah mercu tanda yang sangat popular di Paris. Memperingati kemenangan perang dengan England di Austerlitz. (Lebih kurang cam tugu negara le) Lepas tengok tugu ni, bolehlah lalu Champs Elysees, jalan tercantik di dunia, dan sewa kedua termahal di dunia (Selepas Fifth Avenue). Kat sini ada macam-macam kedai-kedai dan butik-butik yang menarik, make sure lawat butik RENAULT, Louis Vuitton (di sebelah kanan jalan kalau anda membelakangi arc de triomphe) dan juga butik Disney (kiri jalan) . Kat sini nanti adalah orang yang akan tanya can you speak english.. and maybe orang tu mintak pelancong2 asia belikan beg louis vuitton.. just abaikan orang2 tersebut sebab mereka ni adalah sindiket-sindiket beg cetak rompak dari China.

Perjalanan ke LOUVRE

Nasib baik ada Da vinci code, kalau dak takde orang tau Louvre tu apa. Terdapat dua cara untuk pergi ke Louvre. Pertama, dari Champs Elysees tadi, terus je jalan sepanjang jalan tu (sambil tengok butik-butik kiri dan kanan) dalam 1 km, anda akan sampai di place de concorde (Concorde square, square terbesar diFrance) Dekat tengah-tengah square ni ada satu obelisk yang dihadiahi Mehmet Ali (Egypt) dan obeliks ni berasal dari Luxor (Egypt). Dekat obeliks ni jugakle pernah terletaknye guillotine untuk memotong kepala raja-raja dulu waktu revolution.

Lepas tu, akan ada taman, jardin de tuilleries. taman ni pon dipopularkan oleh Da Vinci Code. Biasa je, it is just a taman, tapi taman ni popular sebab Da Vinci Code je le.. Lepas tu bolehlah enter ke Louvre.

Tapi jarak Arc de Triomphe ke Louvre ni dalam 1.5 km gak. Kalau dah letih sangat, boleh teruske Louvre naik metro

Louvre (Zone 1 - metro Pyramides)

Piramid kaca ni used to be my favourite monument in the world (skarang dah depan mata dah x fevret dah) Popular sebab Da vinci Code (again), juga kat dalam ni ada lukisan mona lisa (jangan terkejut melihat keBESARan mona lisa dalam ni. Entry adalah free bagi mereka di bawah 18 tahun (kepada junior-junior yang baru sampai, masukle mende ni cepat2 , kang nyesal cam aku) Tapi bear in mind that you need at least half days untuk melawat museum ni (walaupun sekadar meng'usha'usha je. nampak je pyramid kaca, tapi jangan terperanjat melihat kebesaran museum ni.

Notre Dame (Zone 1- RER B atau RER C Notre Dame)

Notre Dame ni pulak popular sebab cerita hunchback of notre Dame tu. Ia hanyalah merupak sebuah katedral. Nak masuk dalam, boleh aje, sekadar untuk melihat2 apa yang ada di dalam. (eh, mase mencari gambar ade maklumat yang katekan gereja ni pernah ada kat cerita Van Helsing) Jangan terperanjat tengok betapa besarnye katedral ni. Bukan macam gereja-geraja kat Malaysia tau. And apa yang menarik lagi kat sini ialah adanya sungai Seine, ada permandangan yang sangat lawa sepanjang sungai Seine tu. kalau nak naik bot pusing2 paris, boleh bermula dari sini . Frankly, mende-mende ni sume aku x nah try.

Kat sini juga (dekat sepanjang sungai tu sume) ada kedai-kedai souvenirs and gift shop. Kat sini merupakan tempat yang murah juga untuk beli2 souvenirs. And kalau berani masuk celah2 lorong kedai2 tu semua (just follow the crowd) akan ada syurga makanan, banyak kedai-kedai makan yang enak2 n kedai2 kebab pon banyak juga. Tapi nak tahu tempat makan paling best kat paris ni.. tunggu sampai bawah entry ni...

Sacre Couer - Quartier Montmatre (Metro Anvers, zone , line 2)

This is my fav monument kat Paris ni. bukan sebab lawa pon, actually die punye suasana sangat menarik. Untuk pergi ke bangunan , kalau keluar metro tu kena naik bukit yang sangat tinggi. Kalau ada kabel car, ok, tapi kalau rosak, naikle tangga yang beratus-ratus tingkat tu. Tapi bila sampai atas, suasananye sangat calm (make sure pegi mase matahari nak tenggelam) Orang akan lepak-lepak tepi tangga, akan dapat the best view of Paris in the evening (kalah eiffel tower) akan ada orang main gitar sambil nyanyi2... memang dapatlah rasa kehidupan orang paris.. n kat area2 atas ni gak ada kedai souvenir yang murah2 jugak, n tempat untuk lukis gambar buat souvenir. Sangat best untuk dilawati (berkali2 datang x pernah jua aku masuk sacre coeur tu) Kalau pernah tengok cerita Amelie Poulain, kat sinilah most of the pengambaran tu dibuat.
Kalau nak turun dari Sacre couer, awas dengan tangan anda. akan terdapat sekumpulan orang2 afrika yang akan memakaikan gelang di tangan anda.. lepas dia dah pakaikan gelang tu, baru die mintak charge yang sangat mahal.. time tu nak bukak dah tak boleh dah.. so elakkan berhubungan ngan orang yang tak dikenali ye
Pigaille ( Zone 1, metro Pigaille, line 2)
Ada apa di sini? takleh cerita lebih2. cume untuk orang yang curious bolehle turun.. hehehe.. dekat je ngan sacre couer tu.. kalau curious singgahle..
Hard Rock Cafe (Zone 1 , metro Grandes Boulevards , no 9)
memangkan hampir keseluruhan baju saya ditaja oleh hard rock, maka perjalanan ke Paris takkan lengkap tanpa membeli souvenir di Hard Rock Cafe. Just nak indicate location dia sahaja, apa yang ada kat dalam macam biase le kan.. bila kluar metro ikut signe musee Grevin
Musee Grevin ni sebenarnye museum patung lilin. Terpulangle kalau nak pergi .. (tapi takdele sebest madame tussaud) ianya terletak sebelah Hard Rock Cafe.
Mosquee de Paris (Zone 1, Place Monge, line 7)
Masjid utama di Paris tu. Frankly speaking aku pon pernah gi sekali je , itupun subuh tak nampak sangat le apa yang ada (bukanlah saya tidak ke masjid, tetapi biasanya saya musafir) Tapi menurut kawan2 yang pernah ke sana, tempantnya sangat besar dan lawa.. Cuba bayangkan aku gi subuh2 tak nampak apa.
Stade De France (RER B , Zone 2, La Plaine Stade De France)
Stadium world cup 1998, juga tempat terletaknye hotel fevret aku tu. Kat sini bolehle korang dapatkan marchandise2 official untuk france punye team. And memandangkan world cup rugby pun dibuat kat cni, maka akan adalah official marchandise utk tagbi jugak.
La Defence (Zone 3, RER A atau metro line 1, metro La Defence)
Once korang jalan2 kat paris ni korang akan sedar yang most of the buildings adalah bangunan2 yang lama2. itu yang membuatkan architecture kat Paris ni unik. Antara tempat yag korang leh nampak kemodenan Paris ni adalah di kawasan la defence ni. Barulah kat sini korang leh jumpa mall, bangunan tinggi2, senang cerita macam KL le. In case kalau korang dah pening kepala dengan bangunan yang uzur2 , why not singgah sini. At least boleh lepak2 sambil minum starbucks (Bukan senang nak jumpa starbucks kat france)
Disneyland Paris (Zone 5, RER A, Marne La Valle Disneyland Paris)
macam tak perlu describe je ape yang ada kat sini, faham2 jele.. disneyland apa lagi yang ada kat sini. Just reminder yang biasanya orang akan habiskan at least satu ari kat disneyland ni. Pandai2 bajet makan sume, and try check disneyland paris punye website, sometimes ade tiket murah yang perlu dibeli beberapa hari sebelum ke disneyland.
Chateau de Versailles (Zone 4, RER C, Versailles rive gauche)
Kedatangan ke france takkan lengkap tanpa melawat istana-istana di france ini. Itulah antara tarikan utama di France ni. And istana tercantik yang paling berhampiran dengan Paris ialah Chateau De Versailles ni. Dibina pada kurun ke 15, oleh Louis 14. Perjalanannya dari paris agak jauh tetapi bila sampai, bolehlah menghabiskan satu hari di sini. Melawat istana mewah, lepas tu ngan taman2 dia sume, kalau malam, kadang2 ada performance. kalau dah tak tahu nak buat apa di paris tu, bolehle melawat chateau de versailles ni.
Strasbourg St Denis (Zone 1)
Tempat aku wajib datang kalau ke Paris.. sebabnye.. makan.. sini memang syurga untuk makan le.. kuar2 metro korang akan nampak KFC.. sure terliur n teringin nak makan .. nak2 orang yang jarang balik Malaysia.. Guess what.. sume KFC kat France ni halal.. so korang bolehle serbu KFC tu dan makanle puas2.. nak bawak balik ke suke ati korang le.. once korang dah muak makan kfc tu, try cari satu pintu gerbang, ala2 arc de triomphe. Bila korang masuk pintu gerbang tu, voila, kiri makan, kanan makan, akan ada satu jalan yang sangat panjang yang ada pelbagai kedai makan india or pakistan dan juga arab. Nak makan beriyani ke, nasi dengan kari ke, tandori ke.. sila2 n harganya juga tak mahal. Dalam 5 euro untuk beriyani (sama harga ngan kebab) .
begitulah sedikit sebanyak tempat2 yang boleh dilawati semasa di Paris ni. Banyak lagi sebenarnya tempat2 yang korang boleh lawat, tapi ni apa yang aku biasa pegi kalau bawak kawan2 datang. In case ada nak tanya apa2 bolehle e-mail terus ataupun tulis je komen bawah ni.. Selamat melancong.. Bon voyage! n yang penting skali, slamat makan KFC halal.. hahaha

Monday, October 1, 2007

selamat hari raya