Friday, January 11, 2008

After a long hiatus... and how the story began..

I took a long hiatus from blogging. Actually, as I remember, this should be my first post in France. Moving into new house, I had stuffs to be settled first. I got my internet 3 weeks after moving in, then all the classes which obviously far to be harder than my first year in France, and the main reason, I didn't have enough momentum to begin from where I left with.

But, now, I was obliged to write a post about what was happening in my life for the past two-three weeks. It has been a marvelous experience for me and deserved to be put in this blog so that as long as this blog exist, the memory remains forever.

Part 1

Even before my long life friend flew to India, he had mentioned about his dream of going for a trip in Paris, just for the sake of that old steel in Champs de Mars. I could still remember the day when Ihsan (my deskmate in MCKK) came back from Paris and recounted to us of his experience in each and every single place he visited there. (He managed to convince me that Catacombe the Paris was a nice place to visit and I believed him until I found out myself it was a well done nonsense statement) I who had been eager to Paris, made a pact with Goda that one day we would be visiting Catacombe de Paris together.

And Paris didn't seem enough for Goda. Right before he left from India, he mentioned to me his willingness to do a tour around Europe while I was still here.. It seemed quite impossible at that moment for a JPA scholar from a country like India to do a tour in Europe, which even myself, had trouble to do so. But at that time, I just crossed my finger and hoped things would happen..

On the other side of the globe, specifically in Indiana America, my other buddy from school had made plan to visit her sister in Manchester during his winter break as he didn't make plan to return to Malaysia during that holiday. It thought that it would be nice to hang out with during the holiday, as it seemed to me that it had been a long time since we met each other. The last time I saw him was of course when I sent him to the airport in my Waja with 7 passangers, driving 180 km/h in Sepang (not the circuit) , and even being hit by a cab driver. Even all these efforts, it wasn't enough for 7 of us to bid farewell to him for the last time (God bless whoever who wanted to go somewhere else before going to the airport). And since that, we never had a chance to see each other, even during summer.

I saw his plan to visit her sister as an opportunity for me to have a small gathering in my place, to have some xoxo gossip boy moment in my room, and maybe to have a small tour around Lille (since Lille is the center of Europe, you can visit lots of place around here). I asked Goda to come the same date as Alim, so that our gossip boy session would be merrier. Meanwhile, Alim dreamt also seeing his favourite club (second favourite club I guess) stadium in Nou Camp, Barcelona whereas Goda begged me to bring him to Milan to visit the boutiques there (He never heard of Champs Elysees I guess)

I had to make a important decision though. Considering that I was only closed to Alim since I was in form 4 (shame on you Alim, we even gossiped about you a lot when we were in form 3) , I should just ignore Alim wishes and granted Goda's desire (We've been good friends since form 3, he was one of my "shaver"- I had this problem of phobia with the shaver since the 1 ringgit in KK caused me pain a lot, and we only had fight once, of which we called the Milo moment) But at the same time, Alim made a very huge deal with me when we were in high school about how we would be partner in business in the future and patati patata , and the other obvious reason why I thought of abandoning Italy, was simply just because, I've been there once . (Pity Gona who had to visit Spain twice - chill man, I've been to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris for an uncountable time too) So, there went my plan, to gather as many friends as possible, to make a get together activity and visit as many place as possible, so that, for my two best buddies who came from the other side of the world, would profit their stay in Europe... Who knows, this might be the last time we get along together...

-It's amazing to see how one day you were one's closest friend and just to find out that five year later, you would never talk to each other-

End of part 1

- Dedicated for those who spent more than 2000 euro just for the sake of seeing friends-


tiketetiket said...

aku tgk gambo loncat2 ko tu,knape ko pkai slipa pantai je nih?ape x sjuk ke kt sane?

muchang said...

It's amazing to see how one day you were one's closest friend and just to find out that five year later, you would never talk to each other-

hoii..i think i know who u'r refering to. x baek laa kamu..

alim said...

eh,kita ade buat deal nak jadi business partner ke masa kat koleq.aku ingat after koleq kita ade cakap nk buat.lepas ko decide nk go to networking

alim said...

by the way,aku dengar kereta yg ko sewa tu ade masalah.ko jgn simpan sorg2.kalo kene bahagi-bahagi,bagitau la.

Muzaffar said...


what can i do? i'm so european.... unlike the others!!


tak baik le kamu bersangke buruk...mane tau aku refer kat orang lain je..


sbnarnye ade deal lain.. tp xpele.. xyah tulis.. faham2 sendiri le... siot aje

hadi said...

bagi aku masa kita pergi catacombe 2tahun lepas, mcm ok je.

Cuma nak masuk je kena tunggu lama.

Anonymous said...

sedara.. camaner nk contact ne, sy nk gi paris bulan 6 nie


shinichi said...

waaaa...klaka gmbar ko lompat tuh...hihihii

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